Monday, April 19, 2010

Help Columbus GiveCamp 2010 to Find a Place

If you are interested in sponsoring Columbus GiveCamp, please see attached document.

Registration is open, sign in for the event here.

Columbus GiveCamp 2010 has found a place for the July 9-11th event at ICC!
Stay tuned for updates.

Columbus GiveCamp is in dire need of a facility to host July 2010 event. 

In 2009 while hosted at QSI over sixty volunteers were able to accomplish work on seven projects (Hopemongers, Fairy Goodmothers, Shiloh Baptist ChurchFamily Institute College Choir Concert Series, Volunteer Earth, TECH CORPS Ohio, Northwest Plains District Family Camp)  in just two days!

Please help us to make 2010 event a reality and success, we are looking for a facility that can host around 60+ volunteers over one week-end in July with good connection to internet (must be wired and at least T1).  We will take of the rest: setup of the network, getting computers, and all of the clean-up afterwards. 

Contact me or Carey.

Find out more about GiveCamp.
GiveCamp is a weekend-long event where technology professionals – from designers, developers and database administrators to marketers and web strategists – donate their time to provide solutions for non-profit organizations.
Some organizations may need a new website or a renewal of an old one. For others, GiveCamp helps them make the leap from Excel spreadsheets to true donor databases. And for still others, this is an opportunity to think strategically, with the help of a consultant, about their social media presence or e-mail marketing. This is about matching the needs of non-profits with the talent of our local technology-loving community.
Any 501(3) can apply to participate in GiveCamp. Accepted non-profits will be matched with a project liaison prior to GiveCamp who will help them shape their project and answer any critical questions to ensure the weekend is a success.
For volunteers, GiveCamp provides a unique opportunity to connect with the local tech community. A typical GiveCamp draws 75 to 100 volunteers. Individuals can work with their colleagues in company teams, or they can opt to be matched with fellow volunteers who have complementary skill sets.
Everyone is welcome to head home for the evenings – but there are always the diehards who work from Friday kickoff straight through Sunday afternoon. Food and drinks, especially of the caffeinated variety, are provided, along with game systems for breaks.

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