Saturday, January 23, 2010

Video of my LasikPlus experience

After my wife has went though lasik surgery I have decided to do the same.
After spending mostly of my life being nearsighted (myopia) and have to wear glasses all the time I am looking forward to being able to see all the time. This morning when I woke I had a huge smile on my face, becuase eventhough the vision is still a little bit blury from the operation I did not need to look for my glasses.
(or perhaps I was still experience the effects of valium)

Below is the brief summary of the surgery, I spent more time waiting for the surgery than the actually getting the operation. It all boils down to:
1. prep and secure an eye
2. use laser to insert a layer of air into the flap
3. peel off the flap and use laser to re-shape corneal surface (you will hear the clicking sounds for that part, the screen goes darker)
4. put the flap back and do the same with the second eye

Tammy has recorded mostly of the operation:

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pmontgomery said...

Alexey, thanks for posting this. I've been considering doing this for some time. What doctor did you go to (I'm assuming you'd recommend them)? Keep us posted on recovery and the results.