Saturday, January 20, 2007

Josh and Brian get Codemash style haircuts!

At our first Codemash convention, Josh Holmes made a bold statement: that if by the end of the conference we add 500 blog entries on the topic of the CODEMASH, then he will shave his head.
Brian Prince up the ante to 600 entries for his hair removal.

Josh and Brian on day one of the Codemash:

and this is them at the closing note of the Codemash

In case you have missed the hair cutting process or really want it to see it again, based on the people's demand, I bring you ... What 600 blog entries can achieve!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Codemash - what i got out of it

In several sessions I have heard speakers talking about of what we are getting without knowing how to get concept. I feel there is a trend to abstract/simplify programming, we are getting tools that will allow us to concentrate on getting WHAT we need, and letting underlying framework to figure on HOW to fulfil the request.

This will allow us to take advantage of the hardware (multi-cores) and framework changes.

For example, if we need to loop through the list of cities and do something with result(s), if we use 'for', we are stucked with a single thread.

foreach (City city in cities)
if (city.Name == "Columbus")

but if we use LINQ, even though it does not use multi-threading right now, he are not programming on HOW we are getting the data, which leaves framework for the future evolution to make a smart decision on how to get those cities for us:
var results = from city in cities
where city.Name =="Columbus"
select city;

Codemash, QSI Party

I think QSI party was a great success. I had an opportunity to talk to a lot of people, and again take a few snap-shots, see them at flickr (codemashqsi).

Just trying to see Josh and Brian with shaven heads.

Codemash Networking

No it is not about Brian's presentation.

So what is the networking, well it is as simple as a group of geeks getting together in the water park. what should you expect? find out for yourself at flickr (codemashnetworking)

I now do have an answer to a mind boggling question: can a Midwest developer surf?
see it for yourself "Codemash Networking".

Codemash, Day 1

First day was awesome, I continue to help with running the conference. I have enjoyed all sessions I have attended, some of them have confirmed that what I am doing is "the right thing". I also saw a few new angles/perspectives from other technologies.

My thoughts on DSL, we all use it everyday, probably the most common/broad would be the language itself; obviously my English DSL skill can be improved :), but if people can understand me, that is good enough for me!

Anyway, more pictures from Codemash Day 1 event, can be found on the flickr you can use codemash or codemashday1 tags to get to the pictures

Thursday, January 18, 2007

CodeMash, Day 0

Day Zero of CodeMash is over! I felt it would never end, I helped to setup and run the registration for it. If you have a chance you should check out the cool WPF check-in application that was written for this event by Brian, it took him only a few hours. Obviously, not without errors, I spent several hours chasing the tail to figure it out, what in the world "User login is not part of the trusted connection", we can run the application to look up the data, but we were not able to update it; in the end it was a simple mismatch between database column name and the application field.

Anyway I have uploaded "CodeMash - Day 0" pictures on my msn spaces and a copy of them is loaded to flickr with tag "CodeMash"