Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Follow up on Two Day Visual Studio 2010 ALM Overview

Please provide us with feedback on the event by visiting speakerrate site:

Feedback on Day 1 Feedback on Day2

Let us know if you are interested on the follow up events or more of the deep dive on specific topics.

Since mostly of the time we have spent in the VS2010 IDE, here a set of Power Point Presentation that cover topics of our demos:

0. Agenda

1. Visual Studio Executive Overview presented by Randy Pagels is found on as well a numerous number of other useful resources

2. Presentation on scrum has been mostly borrowed from the PSD training course offered through  And if you are interested to learn how you can take advantage of VS2010 with Scrum framework, please see 5 day training class

3. Modified presentations on how to use Excel workbooks for planning iterations and sprints, originally created by Aaron Bjork is here.

4. Great overview of third party tools (TeamSpec and Storyboarding for VSTS) that can help us to manage requirements:

5. Architecture tools in VS2010 presentation.  If you are interested in learning more about Arc. Tools please visit Cameron Skinner blog and check out a great recording by Brian Keller on channel 9.  Also Microsoft updated its Visual Studio Training Kit it has a great set of labs walking you through various VS features including Architecture tools.

6. Database Tools in VS2010 presentation, it goes over some of thenew features and improvements from VSTS2008 Database Professional.

7. Brief Summary on TeamBuild, including Branch/Merge improvements and workflow steps.

8. Dev tools and Test manager deck (coming soon).

9. TFS2010 Reports presentation.

10. Additional resources of interest: Team Lab Management and TFS2010 overview.


Please keep an eye on upcoming Microsoft DogFood Developers Conference conference.  The site will be updated shortly to reflect 3rd Annual agenda. 

Danilo Casino has local user group section at the end of the agenda document, please check it out, especially COALMG ( a user group dedicated to ALM.


Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone for your time and attention. To have 35 people take take 2 days to improve their ALM skills, we really appreciate it.

Great turnout with folks coming from Cincy and Dayton as well.

Danilo Casino, MS

Anonymous said...

The powerpoint links seem to be broken.