Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mysterious ### signs during Work Items export to Excel

Several of my co-workers have run into the problem of exporting work items into the Excel 2007.  The problem was/is during the export of HTML type fields (like description) in some cases they have gotten #### instead of actual words.


There is a forms post that have one of the permanent solutions listed, but I found a workaround to the problem or at least temporary solution by formatting the cell/column.

option 1:

I have selected "Format Cells" -> Number -> Custom -> General -> OK

and the final result is:


option 2:

alternative approach, if one knows how to use new Excel ribbon menus would be selecting cell/column and: Home ->Style -> Normal to reset the style and to re-enable wrapping: Alignment -> Wrap Text

So what is the moral of the post? Lets stop blaming TFS and start learning on how to use Excel  :)

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