Friday, December 8, 2006

42 is the answer to any problem

I can now officially state and prove that solution to any problem is 42!

Let me run my solution by you. Lets assume that the problem is represented by a variable: X
My prove:
1. if x * 0 = 0
2. if 42 * 0 = 0
3. then (x * 0) = (42 * 0)
4. divide both sides of the equation by 0: x * (0/0) = 42 * (0/0)
5. since both sides of the equation contains (0/0) we cancel it out of the equation and end up
with x= 42!

Since any problem can be expressed mathematically, I can now say that the solution to any a problem is 42!

My special thanks to Dr James Anderson, from the University of Reading's computer science department, that made my prove possible.

Of course anyone with any basic math skills may point out that we are not allowed to divide by zero since it is undefined operation. In the computer world we know that division by zero produces a NAN (Not A Number) but thanks to a new number "nullity" (-0-) that Dr. Anderson proposed we can now safely divide by zero to solve all kinds of the problems!

I found his lecture extremely interesting and I have enjoyed people's responses to his solution to 1200-year-old problem. I can not wait to talk to him on December 12th

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