Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Installing Team Build

After finishing the installation of TFS, one may notice that Team Build is not installed with it. It is a separate installation. Depending on the version of the TFS it may be located in a different folder, typically it will be located under \build or \bb folders. By the way bb abbreviation is for 'Big Build' code name for the Team Build.

Anyway, once you start setup, you should see title: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server (build) Setup. Just go through normal setup procedure.

MSDN has a great reference on TFSBuild Commands that can be handy for batch processing, like starting a build. I commonly use following:
TFSBuild start {http://TFSServerName:8080} {TFS Project Name} {TFS Build Name}

Obviously, one will have to create a build prior to using tfsbuild from command line.

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James Bender said...

Rob Caron's blog also has a lot of good Team System/TFS content.